Things to Read, Listen & Learn

“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you”

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

I am a nerd. 

This is probably the least shocking thing you will read here. But I embrace the nerd life because a well read and informed woman is my kinda lady *cough cough RBG*. This page is full of my favorite books, podcasts, gurus and fun activities to help figure out how to break down all our bullshit and have some fun along the way!

Podcasts to Get You Going

  • SHE Podcast with Jordan Lee Dooley- This podcast is new, but I love it! Jordan is so cute, funny, relatable and gives a voice to those of us that just need a boost. She does a great job of interviewing amazing women from all different arenas of life and brings great energy and real raw truth that keeps me hooked. Great personal development, soul searching and faith renewal type podcast.
  • The Side Hustle Project with Ryan Robinson- Think Gary V, but a lot more relatable and easier to follow! I love this podcast for all the great business ideas, inspiration about how to get started and ways to stay motivated in a world that throws a lot at you. Ryan is a great interviewer and these are good podcasts to listen to when you need energy, a boost of confidence, or some solid business advice.
  • Press Send with Chinae Alexander- First of all, if you aren’t following Chinae on Instagram what are you doing… go do it now! She is probably my favorite female badass to follow on social media, and I am obsessed with her new podcast. The way she reads questions from listeners while weaving in her own stories and those of her guests is mesmerizing and so easy to listen to during your day. Her huge heart, amazing humor and true willingness to get real and raw has made me a lifelong follower.
  • Women Taking the Lead with Jodi Flynn- If you need some inspiration on how to be an amazing leader, how to stay connected to your purpose and how to become our best selves, start here! Jodi is a coach and advocate for women as leaders, and her interview style as well as episodes where she gives great advice problems that every woman has faced. Her humor and likability make this an easy listen, and I love learning about amazing and powerful women that might not always be on our radar.
  • My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark- If you aren’t a fan of true crime you might want to stop reading here…. ok if you’re still with me then you are going to love becoming a murderino! This podcast is so much more than true crime stories. Georgia and Karen talk about mental health, relationships, addiction, struggles, pretty much anything you can think of that could also be funny in a twisted way- they cover it. Using humor to talk about some of the worst things humans have done really helps me deal with anxiety, by reminding me that so many other people out there feel the same way.

Books to Get Your Ass in Gear

I have always been a voracious reader. My disciplinary actions in school usually only revolved around two things: talking too much and reading in class. Clearly I was a real problem child! Anyway, here are some amazing books that have helped me in different times of life, and still help me each time i need a reminder on why I read them in the first place. Enjoy!

You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

Wow. This book changed me to my core. I would pick Jen as one of the top 5 people I want to get wine drunk at a fancy dinner with, she rocks. If you are feeling like you need a cheerleader who is also an incredibly honest and real coach, pick up this book. I am still re-reading it constantly and trying to work through some of the topics she covers and how they relate to my life. The chapter on money is a MUST for anyone who has a crappy relationship with money and needs a wake up call.

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight

Before I read this book, I had a lot of guilt about saying no to things I didn’t want to spend money on, leaving the bar early because I would rather be at home, or deciding to ditch family gatherings because it wasn’t something that brought me joy. Reading this book has made me realize how precious our time, energy and money is, and that saying no to things that don’t deserve our fucks is ok and healthy! Learning to set boundaries and only give my time, money and energy to things worthwhile and good for my mental health is, quite literally, life changing. Read this!

I Could do Anything, If I Only Knew What it Was by Barbara Sher

Ahhh thank you Mom for telling me to read this book. One of the most relatable career centered books I have ever read, Barbara helps you walk through your bullshit, dig up what matters and coaches you on using your talents and skills to make actionable changes. This book is so valuable because it can help you at any stage of your life and career. I think I might start reading this again today…

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Ever struggled to keep up a gym routine? Quit smoking? Prioritize taking time off from work? You need to read this book. It helps break down why we do the things we do, how to help ourselves create healthy and manageable habits, and keeps you thinking about breaking the habit cycles that have caused you distress in your life. It also has some great science, and I always enjoy learning about the human brain!

Learning Opportunities

Do you ever wonder about your personality? Struggled to understand why your communication with your partner isn’t working? Or maybe you’re curious about what makes you tick, what drives you and how you can help yourself be more successful? You will love this next section!

Personality Tests

Learning about my personality type has really helped me identify careers that might be interesting to me, how my personality fits in the world and what things bring me a sense of accomplishment. My favorite FREE test can be found here, and it should only take you about 10 minutes. The 16 personalities website gives a great breakdown of every personality type, and offers you the chance to upgrade your test if you want!

Enneagram Indicators

I just recently stumbled upon enneagram teachings, and I was hooked! This test seemed to be pretty easy to use and free, but there are plenty out there for you to try! Enneagram tests help to determine what our emotional outlook on life is, and how we are motivated and what our main obstacles can be based on the things that we find value in during our lives. I’m still learning about this philosophy, but can see it being very useful in self discovery and growth.

Love languages

If you have ever struggled with communication and frustration when it comes to your partners, friends or even family, take this test! And then have them take it. When you learn someone’s love language, it really helps to understand why you might be struggling with relationships. Knowing how each person in your life expresses love can really help bridge communication gaps and keep everyone happy.