Getting to Know Me

A bit about me
A night well spent in Madrid, Spain!

Two years ago I graduated from college with zero ideas where my life was headed.

I was never truly happy or living my passion. Why? Because I didn’t think that a career as a writer and motivator was a real enough dream.

Yikes! Talk about self-doubt to the max!

Writing about living a healthier life inspired me to make changes that have impacted my life and fundamentally shifted the way I think about my relationship with food and exercise.

This made me curious, can I also use my writing to change the way we as millennials fundamentally think about our careers and happiness in our jobs and our lives?

I am an unapologetic Scorpio, an ESFJ, obsessed with thrift shopping and podcasts, a Dunder Mifflin expert and excited to inspire others through my writing!

My fur baby fresh from the groomers!

Not enough personal information for you? Typical millennials… Ok here goes! I have an amazing dog named Pepper, I drink more coffee per day than should legally be allowed, Key Lime Pie is my favorite dessert- bonus points if I get to eat it on the beaches of Florida- I am a people person who loves connecting with others and I am still obsessed with the mystery of Amelia Earhart to this day.