Positively in Progress

Being body positive doesn’t mean we don’t get to work on improving ourselves. It does mean we get to love ourselves in the process.

So often we think that once we lose ten pounds, run a marathon or look like a model, we will suddenly be allowed to love ourselves. What we say to ourselves in the process that we aren’t worthy of love today, in the body or mind or emotional place we occupy right now.

Process is hard and long and constant. You will never get to a point where you’re done. It’s a cycle that we are infinitely blessed to have throughout our lives. It means we can begin again whenever we want. Be a better version of who we were yesterday.

But the cyclical process makes it easy to think that next time, I’ll love myself after that milestone. What if we gave ourselves permission to love ourselves right now?

Think about how different your workout would be, if you sang words of praise to your body for performing those new exercises. What if you tried on a dress and just laughed when it didn’t fit, and just grabbed a different size? What if our world didn’t revolved around all the foods we aren’t allowed to eat, and focused more on fueling our bodies with the foods that nurture us. And yes, enjoy the damn Oreos and celebrate with cake. Life is short and sugar is delicious.

My point is that we need to begin giving ourselves permission to love our own body and minds the way we hope others will love us too. The words we speak in our head become energy in our world. Change your words, change your energy, change the world.

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