Simple Blessings

I love coffee.

I love the simple act of waking up in the morning, pouring grinds into a filter and letting the hot water work its magic over those grounds to bring me a hot cup of life-giving java.

Needless to say, you would be hardpressed to find me in the morning without at least two cups of coffee already coursing through my veins.

And it’s something I often take for granted. 

When I spent two months in Spain, I learned just how much I missed my simple American act of drinking large cups of light roast coffee. In Spain, anything less than espresso seemed to be a sin and a regular size cup of coffee looked like it belonged in a dollhouse, not in my hand in the morning.

Understated is not how I prefer my java.

But I learned to adjust. I put aside my simple blessing for two months to learn about other blessings. Like incredible bakeries every two blocks, breathtaking buildings around every corner and cheap as hell wine. All very great simple blessings.

But coming back to America made me realize just how much I had missed my simple cup, or three, of light roast coffee each morning.

It would do us a great service to remember how much these simple blessings in our life give us joy and happiness. Sometimes it feels like we are constantly chasing the illusion that something bigger, badder and bolder will make us happier.

Maybe there is enough happiness for every moment of our lives, it just takes a greater awareness of those simple blessings. 

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